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At 18 I made a little thing called a twitter
Honestly I thought it help me get bigger
It kind of did, but in a different sort of mixture
I wasn’t glad I had the sad twitter
For the first time I saw the pictures, I tweet I miss her
With the little hashtag the miffers
I could barely pull down my zipper
I couldn’t walk straight and I still had to be home for dinner
Mister Take an interest in my life when you facebook like me
Bite me I’ll be here all week Well
I’m sure you fucking knew that from the news feed or the tweets
Sheesh, I got room in the sheets,

But you don’t quite like me like that do you
Don’t worry bitch I can see right through you
I wouldn’t kick your ass cause I couldn’t get my footloose
Don’t you fucking love every time I hash tag you?

I got a call from my mom when I woke up
Telling me the hokes up
When she brought me down with the hopes of ever rapping
When she doesn’t show my songs love
Says Robert you’re to kind to drugs
I don’t wanna hear your music or get calls from grandma
Saying that your music is unholy
She told me to block all the family so they don’t know that I’m a fucking druggie
I’ll hashtag that one lovely
Looks like you declared war with the wrong junkie

So blunt please
I’ll retweet that with a hashtag
We should call twitter rap cause all we do is brag
Girlys tweet about their life’s like their boyfriend never treats uhm right
fuck men I should be a dyke right?

You’re wrong bitch
You post the pics on purpose
I know you want attention so you don’t feel like you’re worthless
Well if I got to be honest with you bitch
You don’t deserve shit
So shut that pretty mouth before I do it with my curved dick

And now I’m pissed
Was that shit to raw?
Did I spit so cold that the words won’t thaw?
Did I leave you with aw or shock
Well it’s not that hard to go on facebook privacy settings press block

Or delete me
I don’t really care what you decide
Most likely I’m still getting high
Just to make sure
you can check my last tweet
and it says I’m getting pretty high on the green leaf capisce
retweet retweet Hashtag stoner
I facebook stalk my ex like a loner
She tweets she’s in love again
Facebook official with another man
Hashtag I’m in love with him
Well now I blubberin
Up all the feeling’s of the hurt
cause I know that she’s in love with him
And now I’m looking at the pictures
And I drink a couple mixtures
And I’m drunk an I Hashtag slizzard

I guess I’m drunk again
Because the jack has got me tweeting like im drunk and sort of feminine
Then again I guess it’s really feminine that’s really the best comparison
You’re tweeting every minute and it’s getting really embarrassing

This is embarrassing for you huh?
You think I give a single fuck what you say nawh
This is America
Where we follow the stars and then we go grab a beer and watch a facebook wall
Yeah Hashtag stereotype for all the posers
Hashtag Mario cart for the all the stoners
Hashtag jaeger bombs away for all the drinkers
Hashtag I don’t give a for the thinkers
Jeepers creepers I smoked all the reefer
Then I try to tweeter but I slowly teeter
Tweet tonight that you just might delete her
Fuck that bra you know you wanna see her

I’m so sick of the social network shit
All I ever see is people bitch and bitch but
I am a hypocrite
And I don’t give a fuck
So if you wanna open up you better suck my nuts

Now, what’s a fella to do
Cause he’s tweeting all the time
And he has no one to talk to
He’s fucking going nuts
And I think his brains loose
Cause he’s chirping at himself all alone in a room
So I tweet I quit Hashtag fuck this
Your twitter smells bad from all of the bullshit
It looks like my twitter can rest in peace
So here’s my final tweet
Hashtag delete


from Voiceless, released January 22, 2015




Robbie Random Royal Oak, Michigan

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