The Group

from by Robbie Random

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(Verse 1)

Awh Yeah, Robbie Random
The Group, Here we go

Late night driving down white pines
Get the group, yeah, party time
Call up the girls that we used to be friends with
But they grew up and turned into party dimes
Now they think they to good for us
But they stop coming round cause we fuck too much
And then we get to drunk and then we end up naked with puke on our chest in the bathroom tub

Friends gather here
Way back then
Jeff, James, Willard, Zack, Vince, Kevin and Ben
At the Hayward Inn
We all have one
The place we go to get drunk when were to young
Buying fifths from the Skamlet with no ID
Just kids but we knew how to party
Back then didn’t care about anything
Least of all graduating

But the years go by
Now I’m 21
It hasn’t been this long but I’m watching memoires in my head like a re run
God damn, those days are the great ones
So fun but then I get dumped
Most of my friends leave, grow up, or get a life, move on
But I still haven’t changed deep down were still the same but life goes on


New School change of scene
New group starts hanging out with me
Experiment with things
Start smoking weed
Next thing I Know I’m pill popping
I cant stop everybody seems to do the same thing
So shout out to my old group for teaching me how to party
(Rap Again)

So go hard
I said it go hard
But honestly you’ll never throw party like ours
Well who knows honestly I don’t give a shit
Tonight Ill be in back dancing to own hit
Damn I guess im a hypocrite
I said I hate party music
One song man forget it, grab a red solo cup and then fill it because

Tonight we’re going hard making more memories (Repeat 3x)
So here’s a toast to the group for all the memories

(Verse 2)

New Verse, the chorus ends
Two more shots then we’re going in
All the girls wanna do now is dress up and go clubbing
Grind on guy cloths on fucking
Really though it’s boring
Only came here looking for some one-night loving
In the group I was one girl fucking
Then I make a hit now im up to a dozen

So I
Go out get a few new numbers
All Thanks to the booze
Wake up to an empty wallet
And a brand new tattoo
Get text from my roommate like
Where you at dude
This aint my room
Now all the fuck I wanna know is I ended up going home with who?

I don’t know
Honestly I don’t care
No memory how the fuck did I get here
All I know is I gotta leave in a little bit
Before she wakes up and says she’s in love with
Man that would suck
But Look at the bright side I fucked
She was probably a slut and I was really drunk
So I walked out her door with smile and a strut


from Voiceless, released January 22, 2015




Robbie Random Royal Oak, Michigan

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