Who R U

from by Robbie Random

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(Verse 1)
I’m a criminal who stole the game,
Screws are loose I am insane,
Robbie Random’s white and plain,
Fucked a bitch I made her rain,
But I like that pussy wild yeah I fucked that girl untamed,
I am home grown American made.
Ford, Chrysler, GMC I rep the D, The motor city.
Though I claim from Novi I’m keeping the mitten busy.
White as a toilet bowl my music’s viewed as shitty.
But I whip my dick out now I’m the one who’s pissing
On your dreams,
Change of scheme,
Light me up I tend to gleam,
Thinking just like Wisconsin because my mind is on the cheese,
Feel the breeze, from you knees,
Cause you’re mouth is Hurricane Katrina
And my dick is New Orleans
D-D-Drew Brees
I’m not the saint, or the god of rap,
I’m afraid I died and went to hell and became Satan’s one and only mother fucking brat.
My verses are my children, a.k.a my little rug-rats,
Now I’m cumming on these pussies,
Milk for the kitty cats.
Miss match, kiss my ass,
Go an assume that a white kid couldn’t rap,
Fuck that!
Now I’m back and mentally jacked
Face the facts I am the master
All I hear is fucking laughter
Cause I’m like safe sex,
A dick in a rapper

Yeah, Who the Fuck are you (Repeat 4x)

(Verse 2)
You didn’t know what I could do
Just kicking ass like kung-fu
Fuck me? Fuck you!
Please do and thank you
Because I think you’re sexy and I wouldn’t mind screwing you.
Nawh you missed your chance and now we’re through.
I’ll blow up soon just light the fuse
You didn’t like me whoopdidoo
Excuse me if I’m being rude
But kiss my ass and smoke my pubes,
Sorry didn’t mean to fuck your girl dude
But I’m still flintstoned yabadadadoo
puff puff passing till it ashes and we all fall down
ring around the fucking doobie now I’m higher then a cloud
Nick knack paddy whack I gave some girl a boner
And all it took was one quick look an a few fucking corneas

Yeah, Who the Fuck are you (Repeat 4x)

(Verse 3)
I fucked this girl so dumb
I think she made my dick retarded
Cause my rockets slow to start before it’s fully James Harden
Pardon me
I mean Yoa Ming if it’s a size thing
Like how the hell does shaq fuck a bitch
Who only comes up to his knees
I had a girly take a selfie
With me sleeping kinda creepy
But Robbie baby
I was only tweeting
To tell my followers that you fucked me
You said I was the only woman that you loved
Yeah I use that line on everyone
So sorry for the vulgar lines
I was only having fun
My mind can be an asshole
And now it has the runs
An if you could not stomach this
Here’s a tums we’re almost done
Wait where’s my drugs
Oh fuck

Yeah, Who the Fuck are you (Repeat 4x)


from Voiceless, released January 22, 2015




Robbie Random Royal Oak, Michigan

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